How Often Should You Change Your Filters? Well Do You Value Your Health…?

Why Is It Important to Change Your Furnace Filter?

Using the same dirty furnace filter year after year will affect the performance of your furnace. If the filter becomes extremely saturated by allergens, dust, dirt and pet hair, your furnace will not run properly. It can also cause various health concerns. When your furnace is not being properly maintained, dust and dirt can accumulate inside. You’ll not only pay more for heating as your unit will work harder, but you are also at a higher risk of breathing in bad air. Changing your furnace filters CAN IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH!

Importance of Changing Your Furnace Filter

When the motor in the air conditioner and the furnace become clogged by debris and dirt, you cannot expect to breathe in fresh air. You will be breathing in toxins and if you continue to take in this bad air, you might become sick. If one of your family members gets sick and the cause cannot be determined, it might be time to replace the furnace filter you are currently using.

Neglecting your furnace can cause your unit to break down and if you are lucky, you could get an inexpensive replacement part. If the heat exchanger cracks or becomes warped from the extreme heat buildup in the furnace, harmful carbon monoxide fumes may filter through your home. This will not only make you sick, but can also potentially kill you. As you can see, failure to maintain your furnace filter can lead to hazardous consequences.

It is also possible that your furnace doesn’t have a filter to begin with. It may never have been installed in the first place or it might have been taken out. Make sure that your furnace is officially inspected to check if everything is still working and safe. Without a furnace filter, the airflow in the unit might be very poor. This problem not only causes inefficiency in your furnace, but can also cause safety concerns.

As the amount of air that flows over the heat exchanger declines, the heat exchanger’s operating temperature increases. The heat exchanger can crack as it is working above design specifications. Properly designed furnaces are equipped with high limit switches that prevent the heating exchanger from overheating. These high limit switches check the temperature near or at the heat exchanger. If the temperature reaches a programmed set point, the furnace will be shut off either until the limit switch determines that the temperature is safe enough and resets automatically or until the unit is reset manually.

If you are in Canada and looking to replace your filter… check out as they are the leader in discount furnace filters. Defective furnaces are known to cause fires, just because the filter was not clean and air could not flow properly through the furnace. Fire not only causes damage to your property, but also forces you to spend money on clean up and repair. Purchasing permanent filters is easy. These filters can be cleaned, so you don’t need to replace them. You are assured that your furnace will work at its top condition and your family will breathe in fresh, clean air. If you don’t know how to clean your furnace filter, you can always entrust the job to the professionals.